Activities and Programs

Your child’s age appropriate activities are designed to assist children in learning through play and are in accordance with state guidelines.  Therefore, if your child cannot participate in all the scheduled daily activities, please keep your child at home.

Activities are divided into free time play when the child can choose what he/she wants to do and organized play when the teacher will lead activities with your child.

Outside play is usually scheduled twice a day for all children from ages 6 weeks to 12 years, weather permitting. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately.

Indoor and outdoor play activities may include:

  1. Literacy activities
  2. Problem solving
  3. Exploring science and math
  4. Music
  5. Creative art
  6. Blocks and building
  7. Manipulatives and fine motor
  8. Sand and water play
  9. Physical movement activities

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday within the classroom by providing anything for the celebration, please make arrangements with the teacher several days in advance. We ask that no birthday presents are allowed to be exchanged at the Center. Birthday invitations left in classrooms should be for everyone in the class. Due to privacy issues, we are unable to provide personal contact information for families. Please note that sanitation guidelines require that all food brought into the Center must be store-bought, as all foods must be made in an “inspected kitchen”.

Rest Time

Rest time is provided every day and children are encouraged to rest quietly. Rest time at home, consistent with the center schedule, is helpful for your child to maintain his/her routine at the Center. Most children, up through Room 9 will sleep during naptime. If a child wakes early or does not sleep, he/she can earn the privilege of a book to read. This is a privilege. If he/she cannot remain quiet without disturbing others, the book will be disallowed.

Please allow your child to finish his/her naptime before pick up to prevent disruption of your child’s nap, as well as naptime for the other children.

Special Programs

The classroom teachers schedule field trips for the older classrooms (Rooms 8, 9, 10, and 11). When possible, we try to offer activities with other community programs. A part of learning is seeing things when they happen. A field trip is much more memorable than a story about the same thing.

You will be asked to complete a field trip permission form for all trips. You will be notified at least the day before your child is to go on any field trip. We must receive the signed field trip permission form in order that your child participates. If we do not receive the form, your child may not attend the Center for that day of care. Children are transported using our two mini-bus vehicles, each of which is equipped with child restraint seats and shoulder and lap belts. NC law allows children 3 years of age and older to ride our bus. Center insurance is in place for all trips and activities.                                                                                              

Aquatic Activities

In accordance with Child Care Rule 10ANCAC09.1403, children younger than 3 years of age will enjoy sprinkler activities rather than visiting a swimming pool. Each activity will be supervised by the appropriate number of staff, maintaining staff/child ratio. A cordoned off area for sprinkler play will be provided. The heat index will be checked prior to the sprinkler activity and supervision will be constant.

For all children 3 years of age and older, the pool of choice will be located at Triangle Sports Plex. They have assured us of one lifeguard per every 25 children assigned to the pool.