Room 10

Preschool Age 4 and 5

Room 10 will learn many thing that will prepare them for kindergarten. This includes: upper and lowercase letter recognition, sounds of each letter, writing letters, sight words, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, colors, shapes, money value and money identification. Room 10 will also learn the following in American Sign Language (ASL): Alphabet, days of the week, numbers, seasons, weather, colors, animals, food, songs, family members and other basic vocabulary. We also learn days of the week, months of the year, colors, animals, family members, numbers and other basic vocabulary in Spanish. Room 10 has a job chart where everyone gets a chance to learn about and gain responsibility.

They will also to learn to demonstrate these skills: ability to regulate their emotions, manage their feelings, follow limits and expectations, take care of their own needs appropriately, demonstrates knowledge on self, have a positive approach to learning, attend and engage, persist, establish and sustain positive relationships, interact with peers, participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations, balance needs and rights of self and others, use language to express thoughts and needs, tell about another time or place, engage in conversation, use and appreciates books, retell stories and many other helpful life skills.