Our Story


The purpose of Hawfields Presbyterian Child Care and Development Center, Inc. is to operate a North Carolina licensed child care facility seeking the highest level Star Rating in accordance with NC laws, regulations and guidelines. The Center is dedicated to providing quality child care for families of Hawfields and the surrounding communities. The Center seeks to provide preschool and school-age children with the optimum environment for intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth, fostering educational readiness.

General Information

Hawfields Presbyterian Child Care and Developmental Center, Inc. currently meets the 4-star rating set by the State of North Carolina. Our Center is licensed by the North Carolina Division of Child Development to serve children from 6 weeks of age to 12 years of age. Children are placed in classrooms according to age and developmental stages and are moved to another room as they progress, space permitting. 

The Center is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing quality childcare for the families of the surrounding communities. We seek to provide a nurturing and safe environment for the children entrusted to our care. A Director and a 12 member Board supervise the Center.

The staff receives orientation about our programs immediately after being hired. They also receive ongoing training from various community colleges and through workshops within the Center, county and state. The Division of Child Development; as well as local and state organizations, offers workshops about early childhood care and development.

Parent/Teacher Advisory Council

A Parent/Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC) is active at the Center. This group organizes parent sponsored fund raising for additional activities and toys for the children, recognizes and appreciates staff, and supports the Center in many other ways. Join the Facebook group to get involved.