Attractions Book Sales
Thursday, August 15, 2019
By Hawfields Childcare
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This is a reminder that Attractions Book sales are still going on now - we are one week from the deadline! There are tons of great coupons for local Burlington businesses included in this book: Mellow Mushroom, Tuscany Grille, Sal's, Aleko's Kitchen, Grill 584, Mike's Deli, The Lounge, V&S Cafe, Sunset Slush, Pelican's Snoballs, ConVerge Coffee Bar, Painted Grape, Fun Center Putt Putt and so many more! If you spend time in Graham, there are several great Graham establishments as well: The Verdict, Sutton's, Graham Soda Shop, Roasted Coffee Depot, Graham Cinema, and the Children's Museum of Alamance County to name a few. Please share and sell these coupon books with your family and friends. The sale ends Thursday, August 22 (school is closed Friday, August 23). 

Payment of $25 for each book is acceptable in cash, check (made out to Hawfields Child Care), or online using EZPay code: Hawfields. Turn in your orders to the box at the front desk of the school and orders will be filled within a day or two--no waiting. As a reminder, if you do not plan to participate, please return the book in the order form envelope to the front desk. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Neff at Thank you for your participation and support of Hawfields Child Care!

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