Attractions Book Sales
Thursday, August 08, 2019
By Hawfields Childcare
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It's time for Attractions book sales again! The PTAC is raising money for classroom supplies and teacher appreciation events by selling Attractions coupon books. Earlier this week, each child should have received a sales envelope with information on how to sell the Attractions books along with an actual book. The Attractions book includes huge savings coupons for several local and chain businesses and restaurants. Payment of $25 for each book is acceptable in cash, check (made out to Hawfields Child Care), or online using EZPay code: Hawfields. Orders will be filled immediately - no waiting! If you do not plan to participate, please return the book in the order form envelope to the front desk. The deadline to turn in sales is Thursday, August 22, so get started selling! If you have any questions, please contact Karen Neff at Thank you for your participation and support of Hawfields Child Care!

Please note that the EZ Pay code on the intial flyer had a typo - the EZ Pay code is Hawfields with no spaces or missing letters. 

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