Meet the Cooks

Our cooks have restaurant experience and prepare nutritious meals for the children. The Hawfields' cooks prepare meals for all the children at Hawfields.

Here are some sample meals. If your child has food allergies, make sure to tell your teachers and the director so that accommodations can be made.


  • Milk, Toasty o's, banana
  • Milk, strawberry cereal bar, applesauce
  • Milk, belgium waffle, banana
  • Milk, raising bread, applesauce
  • Milk, magic stars, diced pears


  • Milk, hamburger pattie, pork & beans, applesauce, ketchup, bun
  • Milk, chicken nuggets, boiled potatoes, mandarin oranges, ketchup, bread
  • Milk, bow tie pasta with meat sauce, green beans, pineapple, bread
  • Milk, fish sticks, cream potatoes, diced peaches, ketchup, bread
  • Milk, cheese dog baked beans, applesauce, ketchup, bun


  • Milk, scooby doos
  • Water, lorna doones, banana
  • Water, applesauce, teddy grahams
  • Water, crackers, cheese
  • Water, yogurt, vanilla wafers